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Transmission Services Lake Worth, FL


Transmission Services Lake Worth, FL

You Won’t Get Far Without a Transmission

The transmission of your vehicle contains the gears that are used at different rpm to deliver the power from the engine to the wheels of your vehicle. There are two types of transmissions found in vehicles, which are automatic and manual. An automatic transmission allows you to choose the drive mode for your vehicle and will change the gears automatically when the rpm level is reached that indicates a shift needs to be made. A manual transmission allows you to shift the gears on your own using a gear selector and clutch.

An Important Fluid

Because your transmission is so important, the fluid included in your transmission is important to keep this part of your car lubricated, cool, and clean to operate properly. The additives in this fluid will break down over time and need to be replaced. The team at Jiffy Lube in West Palm Beach offers you the transmission services you need to make sure you can have the fluid changed as needed. This team can change out this fluid whether you have a manual or an automatic transmission helping to drive your vehicle.

Prevention Makes Sense

There are specified intervals when your transmission fluid needs to be replaced and sticking to the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual is important. Take a ride from your home in Lake Worth, FL to see the Jiffy Lube team to have this fluid drained and replaced. Doing this will allow your transmission to last a lot longer. If you don’t see the team at Jiffy Lube for this service, you’re going to end up with a transmission that fails you and will cost you a lot of money to replace in your car.

More Affordable than a New Part

Do you want to pay for a new transmission? Of course not, you’ve probably had family members or neighbors in the Lake Worth, FL area that can tell you horror stories about the cost of replacing a transmission. Avoid this exorbitant cost by allowing the Jiffy Lube team in West Palm Beach to offer you the transmission services you need in order to have a vehicle that operates properly. Have the fluid of your transmission changed as needed to ensure your vehicle continues to operate the right way and give you the performance you desire.

Get Comfortable at Jiffy Lube

When you come in and see the Jiffy Lube team for transmission services, you’re going to be able to get comfortable in the waiting area while your vehicle is being serviced. Check out the online coupons offered that can save you some money for this service and enjoy the low cost of having your transmission fluid changed when needed. The Jiffy Lube team will make it easy for you to have the drive you want on the roads around Lake Worth, FL where you live and drive on a daily basis by performing the maintenance services you need.