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How Often Should Wiper Blades Be Replaced?

Jiffy Lube Windshield Wipers

There are so many vital areas of your vehicle to pay attention to, that the wiper blades are often overlooked. If you live in an area where rain and snow are rare, it’s even easier to ignore wiper blade maintenance if it’s been a couple thousand miles since you visited your closest Jiffy Lube for an inspection. Typically, wiper blades should be replaced once per year to adequately deal with the range of weather your windshield will endure. Yet still, so many drivers put off tending to their wiper blades until they’re stuck in rain with faulty blades.

Visibility is so important when you’re on the road for obvious reasons, but the ability to maintain visibility in the midst of a chaotic weather switch is essential- especially during the nighttime. Your reaction time on-road matters, and like many car components, natural wear and tear over time can cause wiper blades to malfunction or become obsolete. Mud, moisture from salt water, and even UV radiation from the sun are among the top culprits for breaking down the integrity of your wiper blades. Whatever your issue may be, brands of Jiffy Lube windshield wipers provide different types ofJiffy Lube Wiper Blades Coupons blades depending on your driving environment.

Noticeable Patterns

If there’s an issue with your wiper blades, you’ll most likely identify it by observing the pattern left on your windshield after the wiper does its job. For example, water patterns of streaking, splitting, or skipping left by your wiper indicate some sort of problem with your wipers or windshield depending on the design. In most cases, if the swipes are inconsistent, your blades may have metal corrosion or a broken frame. By taking a closer look at your wiper blades, you can determine fairly easily if it’s time for a new set of Jiffy Lube windshield wipers.

Though replacements are highly affordable, there are still Jiffy Lube wiper blades coupons available for an extra price cut. Another easy way to check if your wiper blades are operating properly is to listen for squeaking. Though your blades may be working properly, squeaking may be an indicator of a foreign substance stuck beneath the rubber or the slight bending of your frame. In either case, a visit to your closest Jiffy Lube is in order.

PreventionClosest Jiffy Lube

While you can’t control the harsh elements ability to wear away at the integrity of your wiper blades, there are a few tips for preventing common wiper blade issues. For winter time, never use your wiper blades to attempt to de-ice your windshield. In fact, during winter months it is wise to pull your wipers away from your windshield to stop ice from building up and potentially sticking your blades to the windshield. Aside from special attention during colder months, a great habit to adopt would be cleaning your windshield every time you refill your gas tank. Cleaning both the windshield and the rubber squeegee attached to your blades will go a long way in preventing deterioration. By visiting your closest Jiffy Lube either online or in person, you can find opportunities for service discounts with Jiffy Lube wiper blades coupons. In under an hour, your visibility can improve from zero to 100% with a new set of Jiffy Lube windshield wipers every six months to one year.


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