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Engine Repair Palm Springs, FL


Engine Repair Palm Springs, FL

The Check Engine Light is On

When you see the check engine light come on in your vehicle, you know that you need to have your car inspected to learn why this light is on. There are many reasons why this light may have come on, some of them are simple and others are more complex. In either case, when you see the light come on, you need to let the team at your nearby Jiffy Lube service center figure out what the extent of the engine repair service is going to be for your car.

A Few Great Services for Your Vehicle

Some of the simplest reasons why the check engine light comes on include an overdue oil change, the need to replace the serpentine belt or a gas cap that wasn’t put back as tight as it should be. You don’t want to pay the high prices of diagnostic tests at other locations to learn these are the items that you need, let Jiffy Lube in West Palm Beach help you out. This team will perform the test you need to learn what your vehicle needs to drive right on the roads in Palm Springs, FL once again.

What is the Serpentine Belt?

One of the most significant and easy to detect engine repair needs you could encounter is the need to replace the serpentine belt. This belt is a continuous belt that drives many of the devices in your engine including the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor. If this belt breaks, all of these systems will shut down and your vehicle will overheat quickly. When you bring your vehicle in for a regular service at Jiffy Lube, the technicians will check this belt for you to make sure you can avoid any unnecessary engine repair needs in the near future.

Other Warning Lights Coming On

The check engine light isn’t the only warning light in your dashboard. There are other indicators that something is going wrong with your vehicle and that you need to have a repair performed. If any of the warning lights come on, you need to let the team at Jiffy Lube in West Palm Beach take a look at your vehicle and let you know what needs to be done to make sure you can drive with confidence in Palm Springs, FL.

More Complex Repairs are Needed

If the inspection performed at Jiffy Lube shows that you need more extensive engine repair services than what they can offer, this team will aid you in understanding what you need to do and where you should go for the services you need. You don’t want to spend time driving around in a car that has a warning light on and this team can assist you in making sure you know what needs to be done to have your vehicle repaired and in good working order when you take your daily drive.